Attention: in this article we will reveal something that THOUSANDS of men would like to know, the secrets that have been kept by the experts under seven keys … From now on keeping the penis erect for a long time will be a task that you will be able to fulfill.

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The best kept secret to maintain an erection for longer


If you suffer from male impotence or want to improve your sexual performance, you are in the right place.

We will reveal how to keep the penis erect for a long time .

They say that size does not matter. And it does not really matter as much as the duration.

Many men want to learn more and more techniques to give pleasure to their partner, and thus they try with massages, new postures, erotic toys …

Each one to your liking, but what all, absolutely ALL want to know, is this: how to keep the member erect for a longer time.

And of course. The more minutes your member is up, the longer the meeting will be in bed, the more pleasure you can give yourself and your partner, and you will add enough time to reach orgasm without reaching ejaculation.

In fact, if you achieve a lasting erection you can have sex more than once in the same encounter.

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Tricks to maintain an erection for a long time

Luckily, there is not a single technique that all men must follow to keep their erections much longer and prolonged.

It is a set of several methods, all effective but all different.

We recommend you combine some of these strategies to enhance their effects and know what are the problems of erection at an early age.

1. Make your body release testosterone to keep your penis harder

Maybe you did not know, but you do not need to take pills every time you suffer a hormonal imbalance.

You can do several things yourself to convince your own system to naturally release the hormones you want.

In this case, if it is about how to keep the penis erect for a long time , the most important thing is that your body secretes more testosterone.

This is the male sex hormone par excellence, and the one in charge that you look inside the room.

You do not have to find what to take to keep the penis erect , get out of the damn drugs.

2. Contain the desire to ejaculate to maintain a good sexual relationship

When you retain the urge to finish, you provoke a very strong discharge of testosterone in your body.

This makes your penis firmer, you last longer in bed (because you postpone ejaculation) and you feel more aroused.

What you have to do is masturbate very gently, until you perceive that you are about to reach the end; then, do not touch yourself anymore and breathe deeply.

Try to repeat the process 4 times before allowing yourself to finish, this will make you reach erections for much longer.

Experts recommend ejaculating every two or three days to give more firmness in erections.

Contrary to what is thought, ejaculating very often causes physical pain in the genitals, a drop in testosterone and even erectile dysfunction.

3. Avoid exposing the genital area to high temperatures to have a more powerful erection

The heat in the genital area inhibits the natural segregation of testosterone.

It is very important that you keep the area fresh to protect the hormonal balance.

Some techniques to maintain a good erection are: finish each shower with a cold water jet on the penis, away from the sauna and hot tubs, use cotton underwear and not synthetic fabrics because they cause heat and do not absorb perspiration.

4. Stimulate the circulatory system for a long time and constantly

As you know, the penis rises when its blood capillaries are filled with blood.

So it is essential that a large bloodstream can reach the pelvic area.

¿ How to keep the penis erect long ?

One of the answers to this question is to stimulate the circulatory system.

There are many ways to do it: drink a lot of water, breathe daily, go for a walk and have a massage or a cold shower daily, etc.

5. Take herbal teas and eat foods high in nitric oxide

This chemical is responsible, among other things, for getting very oxygenated blood to the receptors of the member.

The more nitric oxide you have in your body, the more your penis will dilate and the longer your erections will be.

Tea for male impotence can help you a lot to keep the penis erect for much longer.

6. Design a routine of intense physical activity

According to American research, the level of testosterone in blood increases dramatically with intense sports.

And we’ve already talked about how much you need this hormone to make your penis rock hard. Do you plan to use it in your favor to maintain erections for a long time?

7. Perform exercises to train the pelvic floor

Often, men who can not maintain an erection have penile muscles that are very weak, flabby and low in oxygen.

If you perform localized exercises to train the pelvic floor muscles (ie, the base of the penis) you will be able to harness your erections much more so that they are harder and longer.

How to keep the penis erect for a long time with 3 localized exercises

1.     Kegel technique to keep the penis erect for a long time

Surely you’ve heard about this doctor, who was the one who designed some famous exercises to strengthen the bladder and regulate urination.

However, their techniques are applicable to cases of impotence, with excellent results.

With these contractions, you will achieve more powerful and prolonged erections.

Go to the bathroom, start urinating and when you are halfway, voluntarily stop the flow.

This will mobilize the muscles of the pelvic floor.

2.     Another Kegel exercise

It consists of contracting and relaxing alternately the muscles that surround the anus (quiet, nobody will perceive it from outside, so you can practice at any time).

Make contractions for 10 seconds, relax and repeat the process 8-10 times. We recommend to practice this mini-series 5 times per day.

3. Apply penile massage

If you directly stimulate your member, you can increase the blood flow to the blood vessels and increase your testosterone level in the testicles.

In this case, to keep the penis erect for a long time you just need a routine in 3 minutes.

  • Press the pubis, over the penis, with the fingers, for 1 minute.
  • Then the same on the perineum (behind the testicles).
  • Finally, massage the testicles directly by gently directing them down (do not forget the base of the penis)

You just learned valuable techniques that taught you how to keep your penis erect for a long time.

We hope you start to apply them today, have encouragement, because soon you will notice the results.

Above all, if you notice that the volume of your morning erections has increased: it means that your member is receptive to the treatment for impotence .

Apply these resources and you will become a true expert in bed, leaving all your inhibitions behind.

Your body will go from being your worst enemy to your best ally. Finally we re show home remedies for dysfunction .

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Will you use these techniques to keep the penis erect for much longer?